About Katla

Katla is the name of the restaurant opened by Icelandic chef Atli Mar Yngvason, in collaboration with Lava Oslo. The restaurant opened its doors at Universitetsgata 12 in August 2018. 

It takes its name from one of the biggest volcanos on Iceland and is an energetic place with an open kitchen, informal atmosphere and a high pulse. We cook food over open fire and prepare sauces on large lava stones called molcajetes, originating from Mexico. We apply techniques from Asia and Latin-America on local produce and the menu is ever-evolving, depending on what is in season right now. 

Katla is an extension of Yngvason’s work at the iconic restaurant Pjoltergeist. At Katla he is given more space and higher temperatures at the wood-fired grill. The place is spacious and at the same time intimate, giving the guests an unique opportunity to observe the chefs in action. 

The restaurant has a total of 60 seats at the bar, 45 seats in the dining room and a chambre séparée that comfortably seats a party of 16 people. 

We do two seatings a day in the main dining room given you have made a booking, and keep the food bar open for drop-in guests that would like a glass or add some dishes off the à la carte menu. 

The menu at the food bar is also available in a smaller version until late every night. 

The smaller à l carte menu is also served at the food bar for lunch on Saturdays from 13.00 - 17.00.