Katla’s focus on drinks is split into wine and frozen margaritas. Our frozen margaritas are made with fresh produce sourced by the chefs and our bartenders. You will be able to sip on one of these before, while dining or after the meal. Or if you just drop by the bar. 

See our frozen margaritas here

We all know it; good wine is good wine, plain and simple. At Katla we do not want to distinguish between traditional and modern styles of winemaking. Rather we want to showcase the best of both worlds. 

Our producers work hand in hand with nature and tend to vineyards that produce some of the best wines of their regions. That is exactly why so many of the winemakers on the wine list are organically or biodynamically certified. Quality and taste is, of course, our compass and we guarantee that everyone3 will find something to suit their taste. 

You can see an example of our wine list here

We also provide an extensive selection of beer and non-alcoholic beverages.