It is impossible to talk about Katla and head chef Atli Mar Yngvason without mentioning Pjoltergeist; one of Norway’s best restaurants that recently closed its doors for good. 

This was Atli’s old stomping grounds where he cooked what he himself liked to eat, always based on the best available produce and often influenced by Asian and Latin-American cooking. Clean flavors that are true to the produce and a menu that takes advantage of the treasures of the Norwegian sea. 

Katla is an extention of Yngvason’s work at the iconic restaurant Pjoltergeist. At Katla he is given more space and higher temperatures at the wood-fired grill. The place is spacious and at the same time intimate, giving the guests an unique opportunity to observe the chefs in action.

You will find chefs from amongst others Austria, Panama and Venezuela in the kitchen at Katla and the menu lists an eclectic mix of anything from shawarma and takoyaki to grilled turbot, pig’s head tacos and Norwegian scallops. The eight course menu is based on seafood seasoned with the hot-headed blend of chili, habanero peppers and salsa prepared á la minute to keep the heat rising. 

At the restaurant you can enjoy a set menu of eight courses upon booking, or drop by the food bar to enjoy dishes from our à la carte menu with a spicy frozen margarita in hand. 

Eat and enjoy! 


You can find an example of our food bar-menu here

You can find an example of our set menu here